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Port of Amsterdam 10-2018

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Amsterdam West

Amsterdam centre (2)

Today, 16th of September 2018, it became a very beautiful and sunny Sunday.   I left home at around noon and returned half past 3. My walk took me from Old-West along the Rozengracht through the midtown area towards the east part of the center and back.  According to my pedometer 8922 steps…

Rozengracht, as you see in the background the tramrails are being exchanged.
Spuistraat, the blue building on the right is one of the remaining ‘kraakpanden’ 
Available as from July 2018: A new metroline South-West, this is the entry at the Rokin , at the heart of the city
From the Rokin, looking North/East
Beautiful picture at the end of one of the Wallen
Oudezijds achterburgwal, entrance of the books market
Inside the books market. Evidently books are not very wanted… 
 From inside the bookmarket you can get in to the shared inner garden of the nearby houses 
View out of the booksmarket on the North/East side towards:
This steel manually operated bridge
Detailed view of the bridge
Walking along towards the Amstelhoek, view from the second bridge there
And the same view zoomed out
Houseboat form the next bridge’s view
And- this is your view if you turn 180 degrees here
View from the last bridge towards the Amstelhoek (or Vlooienmarkt/ Central City hall)
Walked over the Vlooienmarkt, Rembradt café towards the Sluis 
And there I got this beautiful view towards the end of the canals at the right, where this canal enters through some bends and more ‘Sluizen’ into the IJ
Spectacular controverse in building styles
At the left of the ‘Sluis’, another houseboat and in the background some awfully styled houses
In Amsterdam, wherever possible, green is the friendly color
In the 60’s throughout the 90’s quite some housing project were financed in the center of Amsterdam, one of the results is seen here in the very heart of the center 
And a view from one of Amsterdam’s problems:We float on water as to speak, so sometimes fundations of houses and shores like here just come out of place and need to be carefully restored…

Adam tower

The Amsterdam tower was built for Shell in 1970-1971 and is located oppposite the rear of the Amsterdam Central station, across the river  ‘Het IJ’.  At first it has  been in use as the Amsterdam Shell headquarters, it was abandoned during the crisis after the Internet bubble crash and was then bought by a project developer. The building has been empty for some years and has recently been refurbished in 2015, whilst added with a top view restaurant.  And- nice to see : 2 swing sets (at approx. 80-85 meters height) that take you out over the edge of the roof when you swing forward.   The view over the City is magnificent, since there are not too many tall buildings in Amsterdam. I still have to go there, will do that this winter and I will put my pictures up here.

In the industrial phase, 1971–2009

2014 (March 31st) View from the ferry (NDSM) departure stand at the rear of Amterdam Central station  (before the reconstruction took place)