Amsterdam Photosite

Hi there! I’m a great admirer of architecture, Pink Floyd, living in the city, fresh nurturing food, happy people and much more!

We live in Amsterdam, Europe with the 2 of us in a modest apartment just at the edge of the center of the city.


Living in the City

One of my recent time-spending experiences is taking pictures around our habitat, it seems like a good idea to share these impressions.  And- it might be nice for you to get a glimpse of Amsterdam before coming to our beautiful city. 

Find some other spots where you could go and experience Amsterdam like the locals do: Stay away from the crowd and enjoy!



I started out with my pair of Sony’s A7(I) and A7(II). The wide-angle Sony zoomlens 16-35mm is on the (II) and the Sony 24-240 mm is stuck on the (I).  In dim light I use Sony’s (in my view) best prime , the Distagon T FE 35mm f1/4 ZA with the A7 (II).

Panasonic / Olympus

Nowadays I often use my pair of Panasonic GX8’s  and the ‘triplet: 7-14 mm, 12-60 mm pro and the 20mm/ 1.7 prime.  Usually the wide-angle zoom is on the primary cam. I enjoy the lesser weight of this set, and specifically I like the tilting GX8’s EVF. I use this set more and more while the fact that it can withstand rough weather conditons also helps. 

My pair of GX 8 ‘s

In 2019 I bought me an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2, with a selection of PRO lenses. This has become my favourite walkaround setup for City trips or general architecture photography, usually accompanied with two or three lenses, depending on the scenery.

Olympus OM D E 1 (II)

Which camera to choose

Choosing the right camera for a specific occasion is very personal.. Portability and weight, reach, weather conditions and so on… It all influences the choice of specific camera or camera’s.. My choices :

  • Holidays: Sony RX100 (any type is ok)
  • City trips: Olympus OMD 1 (II) with pro lens 12-40 mm 2.8
  • Architecture: Sony A7 (II) with the pro 16-35 OR the Canon RP with the 15-35 lens, I have found the RP to be a bit more handy..
  • Street: Leica D-lux 7 or the Olympus pen-f with 15mm pro lens
  • Wedding/ city discovery: Panasonic GX8 set with the Panasonic wide angle zoom and the 12-60 pro
  • Studio: Canon D6 and/or D5 (2) with the proper lenses and the bunch of add-ons
  • Wildlife: Olympus OMD 1 (II) with the fast 40-150 mm pro lens
  • Museum/ quick city trips: Leica D-lux 7 or the Panasonic GM5
  • Family meetings: Sony RX100 (V)
  • And: The surprise of 2020 was the revival of the Canon M-family. I have all native M-lenses and a couple of others like Sigma portrait and a Samyang telelens. I have a M10, a M100 and a M5. And now, suddenly there is an M6 II… with 32 Mpix, an add-on EVF and very positive reviews. Who knows— if Canon chooses to make some lightstrong lenses for the M series,..
  • Still, I am very pleased with my pair of Panasonic G8’s. They are very small to handle, good grip though. And – with the 7-14 mm wide angle Panasonic on the one – and the Panasonic 24-240 mm on the other – it gives me portability, freedom, reach and fair enough pictures! Possibly the Canon M6II may change my view on this, but the GX8 has weather proof body, tiltable EVF, stabilisation (2ways) and very good pictures…


For online publishing I hardly ever edit the RAW files but I do always edit the published jpeg photo’s to the size that suits me and/or the color/brightness that I like best.