Amsterdam Photosite

Hi there! I’m a great admirer of architecture, Pink Floyd, living in the city, fresh nurturing food, happy people and much more!

We live in Amsterdam, Europe with the 2 of us in a modest apartment just at the edge of the center of the city.


Living in the City

One of my recent time-spending experiences is taking pictures around our habitat, it seems like a good idea to share these impressions.  And- it might be nice for you to get a glimpse of Amsterdam before coming to our beautiful city. 

Find some other spots where you could go and experience Amsterdam like the locals do: Stay away from the crowd and enjoy!



I started out with my pair of Sony’s A7(I) and A7(II). The wide-angle Sony zoomlens 16-35mm is on the (II) and the Sony 24-240 mm is stuck on the (I).  In dim light I use Sony’s (in my view) best prime , the Distagon T FE 35mm f1/4 ZA with the A7 (II).

Panasonic / Olympus

Nowadays I use my pair of Panasonic GX8’s  and the ‘triplet: 7-14 mm, 14-140 mm and the 20mm/ 1.7 prime.  Usually the wide-angle zoom is on the primary cam. I enjoy the lesser weight of this set, and specifically I like the tilting GX8’s EVF. I use this set more and more while the fact that it can withstand rough weather conditons also helps.  Next on my wishlist was the 12-60 mm Zoomlens (Pana version) to be used as standard walkaround lens. In addition, I always have the 20 mm pancake with me, but I rarely have use for it.  My GX80 is always the perfect performer , used as a ‘standard’ walkaround camera. It is just a little smaller and lighter but does not come with a tiltable EVF. On this cam I always use the very small ‘standard’ 14-42 lens. In 2019 I bought me an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2, with a selection of PRO lenses. This has become my favourite walkaround setup, usually accompanied with two or three lenses, depending on the scenery.

In my office bag I usually carry my GM1 (indoor use) or GM5 for outdoor use, as carry-around and for snapshots.  Depending on the occasion I also use my TZ100 quite a lot, also for indoor use. The size of my FZ1000 is often too much of a burden so the TZ100 usually wins due to weight.   For holidays I always either take the GM1 with the original zoom 12-32 plus the 14-140 as add-on or just the TZ100, if weight is the prime concern.

My Panasonic MFT camera's


For online publishing I hardly ever edit the RAW files but I do always edit the published jpeg photo’s to the size that suits me and/or the color/brightness that I like best.